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Intellectual Property Rights & Trademark Registration

About Intellectual Property Rights

Everything that we create, including material like designs, music, poetry, prose, artistic work, and whatever one can make, falls under the bracket of (IP) intellectual property. Intellectual property rights exist in everything, and no third person has any right on it.

Every person or organizational IP is entirely backed and secured by the law itself. These establishments eventually help entities to gain fame or money for their respective works (IPs).

Why are IPs important?

For centuries that have passed, humans have created and then implemented ideas for the betterment of the future. These ideas that drive us to create new things, including machines, programs, medical advancements, designs, architectural prodigies, and unlimited more to count from, are remarkable. Everyone who completes it has the full right to own it and use it for its betterment and make the most out of it.

IP rights are somewhat similar to your property rights as you have full authority to do whatever you want to do with your creations. Most countries now recognize these rights, and patent registrations have been introduced to ensure the full authority of the person or organization for that particular item. Human rights organizations also back IP rights.

IPs are essential to strike an equilibrium between ordinary users and consumers. This is only because of the copyrights and IP protection that large software houses, production houses that make people’s lives easier and happier gain incentives; otherwise, there would be no enthusiasm for creating new ideas.

What does Trademark Registration bring to the table?

There are four different types of Intellectual property which also includes trademark registration. Starting from centuries ago, other artists would make some entity and impose a unique mark to verify that it was created solely by them.

Today, trademark registration is essential to distinguish between companies working for the same goods or businesses. Every trademark has its worth in the market today. It shows how good or lousy an organization is working in the respective regime. This gives consumers a fair bit of an idea of what to buy and what not to.

Trademark registration allows the organization to work freely under their respective trademark. Their name and logo cannot be used by other entities that could cause damage or bring deformation to the company in any way.

Services by BlueKryon

BlueKryon is a registered organization that registers various trademarks and patents in Dubai. We provide all the services included in this process to our clients with complete security and trust. We offer services related to lawyers and governmental organizations in this process, so you don’t have to.

If you are worried about your new company, Intellectual property rights, trademark, or patent registration, BlueKryon will help you make the whole process risk and hassle-free. 

For further information regarding any of the discussed services, contact us today.

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