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Privacy Policy

Introduction to Privacy Policy:

Blue Kryon will be further addressed in this policy as “we,” “our,” or “us” in the further policy.

We are determined to give you the utmost authority over your data when you visit our website.

The privacy policy will explain how we will manage your data when you visit our website.

When you visit us and agree with the terms and conditions, you enable us to manage, collect and process your data under our privacy policy of the website.

Accumulating and Storing Personal information

Following information may or may not be used

  • Information that is collected by you while using our website may be used.
  • Information provided by you in registering or submitting any form that includes your Email, Name, or phone number may be used.
  • Information provided to subscribe to our site that used your email address or your name.
  • Any information referred to as communication between the company, and the client includes all kinds of data.
  • Any personal information that we receive by your side.
  • If disclosing some other individuals’ personal information, you must have the full consent of that individual while giving out the information as we may use it following our privacy policy.
  • The site may keep track of your browsing history, geographical location, browsing patterns, and information provided by you.

Using Personal Information

Your personal information that is delivered to us through the website can be used for some specified purposes as stated in our policy, and we may use your information for the following actions:

  • To Administer our website and other businesses
  • To send you the email newsletter
  • To send you notifications related to the website
  • To ensure availability of our services through our website.
  • Provide you with the information that you have been collecting via other digital points on the net.
  • To cover up the quarry and complaints that you have launched regarding the website.
  • If you give us information that is to be published on our website, we will publish it with your permission otherwise according to our privacy policy.

Revealing Your Personal Information

Your information is safe with us, but it can be used in some of the following scenarios:

  • Your data may be revealed to employees, workers, and authorities of the company to make a privacy policy and other purposes that the website allows and states.
  • Your information may be sent to any member of the company, but to ensure your data’s privacy, we have eradicated standard cultural clauses to ensure the sanctity of your data.

Disclosure of Information

Disclosure of the data may come into place because of the following reasons

  • To any means that the law gives us the power to do so
  • To ensure that no one is victimizing our legal rights and if in the process, your data needs to be given to prevent our site from any fraud or bans.
  • Any reasonable and respectable house such as court or organization that will reasonably be asking for your personal information.
  • Other than these reasons website will not provide your data to some third parties.


Our website uses cookies; if you accept or allow cookies on your browser, you allow our website to send and receive information from your browser.

Third Party Hyperlinks

On our website, we use third-party hyperlinks created and managed by other creators that we take no responsibility for any privacy policy of these links and parties.

Data Transferring Internationally

When you give us your personal information, it travels internationally, enabling us to use it according to this policy.

You express your consent for the transfer of information in this part.

Information that you place publically on our website may be used worldwide; we cannot prevent any misuse of this information.

However, to deal with such a situation, we have contracted cultural laws with clauses used by third parties that ensure your data is not used but following the international laws.

Changes or amendment in the privacy policy

In case of any change or amendment of the website privacy policy, the updated version of the policy will be available to our clients with the “updated version” date mentioned.

Contact Us

In case of any confusion, misunderstanding, or further information on our privacy, you can contact us in the contact option of our website. Or you can contact our team at hetal@bluecrayonconsulting.com.