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Virtual Reality Services

Virtual Reality Services In Dubai UAE

With Virtual Reality, which is a fully immersive experience, you can transport your audience to any place you desire. More than often, this place can be a virtual reality Game Room, designed to entice your customers into procuring your services. With its numerous VR activation, VR Advertising has turned the Marketing industry upside down.

Games are just one aspect of VR. A virtual exhibition or event can certainly help promote your business’s goals or kickstart a new campaign. For example, at such Events, a musical company can offer its guests a VR music instrument lesson demo. Similarly, an artist can create a virtual portfolio or turn it into an art gallery open for exhibition.

We live in a time and place where only a small part of the world’s population remains unaware of technological advancement. As such, we are no strangers to Virtual Reality. VR headsets further normalized this immersive technology. Your brand audience is tech-savvy, with the majority already having experience VR.

At Blue Kryon LLC, we have a team of highly capable VR developers who know all the ins and outs of the VR world. The team has an uncanny ability to put themselves in your audiences’ shoes, taking your willing audience on a rollercoaster ride, hero’s quests, or a custom adventure, all tailored to your guests. VR is the future. Let us help you take the first step.

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    Applications of Virtual Reality Technology

    Real Estate:

    VR Tech facilitates the creation of powerful and unique Virtual Worlds that positively influence user engagement. At Blue Kryon Consulting, we help real-estate organizations and agents gain an edge in this competitive world. It also affects the customer’s experience, making it seamless.


    Our 3D visualization services can help architects and designers build unique structures that can be edited and updated based on your client’s preferences. Similarly, both a real-estate agent and the prospective buyers can benefit from a virtual tour of a property or house on sale.


    The tourism industry is already reaping the benefits of Virtual Reality in its essence. When you next don the VR glasses, you might find yourself in Louvre, learning about Mona Lisa. Or you could go back in time, particularly in 1863, experiencing the painting Opening of the Diet of 1863, of Alexander II at the National Museum of Finland.


    Our job is to facilitate the tourism industry, including restaurants, hotels, tourist destinations, and tourist package promotions, by the implementation of VR technology to boost engagement and gain more audience.


    Ever wondered how different your life would have turned out if you had the luxury of learning in a classroom equipped with the latest VR tech? A complete immersive education with 3D interactive models for learning and interactive laboratory experiments.


    We help institutions and education platforms visualize and breathe life into their innovative ideas. The changing education norms that focus more on practical knowledge have proven the need for VR.

    Coaching and training:

    Most of the top-ranking industries have started implementing VR for training. It is present in the medical industry, where doctors practice their craft, honing it to perfection, and for interns who can learn surgery in VR. It is similarly used for training and coaching in several industries such as Automotive, Sports, Energy, and logistics.


    Blue Kryon has worked with clients across several industries and is a firm believer in VR improvements. Studies have shown that Practice in VR has reduced the error margins.


    VR has been highly beneficial for the Retail industry, and it has the most visible presence in the world, second only to gaming. You must have noticed high-end make-up brands as well as furniture stores utilized VR to their full extent.


    Blue Kryon Consultants have effectively implemented such retail apps and functionalities for vendors as well as the owner of shopping portals. We have armed our clients with VR tech that works seamlessly across all platforms.


    Events such as live basketball matches as well as music concerts are being showcased in VR. So, don’t be surprised if you find yourself enjoying a basketball match in a 360-degree view the next time you put on VR glasses.


    Blue Kryon consulting specializes in events of all kinds. We do weddings, business exhibitions, as well as interactive activities that increase user engagement. Apart from in-person events, our expertise also lies in VR events, which have become the norm with the rise of virtual communication in the last decade.

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