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Terms and Conditions

General Terms:

While signing a contract with BlueKryon, the client needs to accept all clauses and statements of this contract. By accepting this agreement, the client agrees to all the clauses and points arranged by BlueKryon. Every clause in this agreement makes arrangements between the Blue Kryon and the buyer. If the client refuses to accept any clause/term, company has full authority to nullify the contract.

Further on, Party A will be referred to as Seller and Party B as Buyer.

  1. Any charges that the government imposes will be paid by Party B. All the vouchers and receipts of the payments will be provided to Party B, and Party A will be bound to deliver them to Party B.
  2. Party B is bound to pay all the service charges and payments 100% in Advance, any change in this clause in future will be informed to Party B. Services provided by Party A includes every professional and non-professional service to Party B.
  3. Party A is not responsible for any changes in the fee structure of the government, so all the difference in payments that accords government changes will be prone by Party B.
  4. Party B is bound to deliver all additional documents that the government requests at any point.
  5. Government has the right to reject any services at any point; in this case, Party A will not be responsible, and Party B can take no legal steps.
  6. Party A will be provided with all the receipts and documentation at the end of the process; Party B cannot demand the documentation before the process is completed.
  7. VAT is applicable on the services, and Party B is bound to pay.
  8. In case of any misunderstanding, the client should consult the company before signing the contract.
  9. Any additional services demanded by Party B and provided by Party A will be charged separately and additionally by Party A.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. All the following terms are to be accepted by Party B for the further process of the transaction.
  2. The contract is only valid when Party B makes purchase orders (P/O) or advance payments accepted by Party A in any form.
  3. The terms and conditions mentioned in the contract are only between Party A and B as the transaction takes place only between these two parties. No other Party is bound or under this contract and its clause.
  4. All the Party B transactions will only be accepted by Party A on the amount decided in UAE Dirhams Only. (No other currency will be acceptable)
  5. At the time of contract, there are no reservations or bookings whatsoever by Party A and will be into the process after the deposits are made. If any item is not available in the next process, Party B will not accuse Party A.
  6. Suppose the vendors change the prices at the time of procurements. In that case, the client Party B will be notified accordingly, and the purchase will be made once the consent of Party B is taken.
  7. The validity of the prices quoted by Party A is three days. After the said period, it will be renegotiated with Party B.
  8. If the client will not remain in contact for 7 consecutive days, in any way, Party A will have the right to cancel the agreement.

Terms of Payments will be as follows:

  • Party B will make 50% advance payment before the event and 50% a day before the event is commenced and extra services provided by Party A. Party B is bound to pay within 15 days after the commencement of the event.
  • Any amount that is paid by Party B is non-refundable.
  • Party B can make payments only in said manner, and no negotiations can be made on this clause.

Client to provide:

  • Images will be provided with source files for software integrations. After the approval of the artwork and work assigned to Party A, it will not be responsible for again proving the same.
  • Only two changes will be allowed to Party B after completing the work any other task or amendments in the work Party A will charge separately.
  • If any further changes are to be installed in the venue, it will depend on the permission given by Party B.
  • Any additional service before what was agreed by both parties, Party A will charge separately.


Both parties have agreed and will follow the following rules on schedule;

  • Completion of the work on the website will take three weeks.

Party B 

  • Will be allowed to make three revisions after completion of task. Anything beyond that Party A is eligible to charge Party B, or charges can be made with mutual consent of both parties if Party A agrees.
  • Party B will be bound to provide the following things to Party A:
  1. Logo of the company
  2. Fonts of their choices 
  3. Brand Colors 
  4. Reference of ideas of what they want
  5. Brief contents and contexts 
  6. Service listing and its overviews
  7. Pricing of services 
  8. Contact details of the company 
  9. Credential to hosts and domain access of the company 

Any further documentation that is needed


Party B is bound to give necessary or secret information of the company during the agreement if Party A needs it. This may include trade secrets, knowledge of the industry, or any other confidential secret of the company to Party A to get the desired website in the final form. Party A will not share this information with any other person or organization even after the contract is fulfilled. No member of Party A will use this information for his/her benefit at any time, even after the agreement is fulfilled. In case of any misuse of information provided by Party B to Party A, Party B will have the authority to withdraw the contract/take legal action against Party A.

Ownership Rights:

Party B will have all the ownership rights of the website and the propriety information that it has shared with Party A during this course of time. Party A will not use any of this information (provided by Party b) upon completing the project. Party A can only use the provided information only during the course of making the website. After the completion of the website, Party B will have all rights reserved for the design and will have full ownership of the website and the design.

When Party A is customizing the website and Party B recognizes that the templates are somewhat similar, it is to be said that Party A owns all these templates and designs.

It continues to own that, and when the website is formed the Party B will be the full owner of the template and design of the said website.