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VAT Consultancy Services

About VAT

In many nations, VAT is one of the most frequent kinds of indirect tax. The UAE has already introduced VAT, which came into effect on January 1, 2018. Other GCC nations are anticipated to follow suit soon. Currently, the value-added tax rates are 5 percent (normal rate) and 0 percent (zero-rated). VAT is a cost associated with the usage of all government services and products.

VAT Services in Dubai

Businesses in the United Arab Emirates, especially in Dubai have several problems when it comes to processing VAT. They are seeking the finest VAT Services in Dubai. VAT is levied at every stage of the supply chain, with the final consumer bearing the brunt of the burden. VAT will be collected on behalf of the government by businesses in the UAE.

VAT carries with it a plethora of opportunities as well as a multitude of difficulties. Many VAT circumstances are highly complicated, and businesses find it difficult to deal with them. To avoid VAT fines and penalties in the UAE, taxable businesses must follow the Federal Tax Authority’s (FTA) rules and regulations.

For this purpose, companies are outsourcing VAT services in Dubai, allowing them to focus on their core business objectives.

BlueKryon VAT Packages

20% Discount

VAT Registration

AED 550

VAT Filing

AED 800/quarter

VAT De-registration

AED 550

VAT Training

AED 1,000 (1.5 Hours Session)

VAT Planning & Consultation

AED 450

Data Migration to Accounting Software

Starting from AED 650

Onsite Visit

AED 350/visit

Prices may vary depending upon government authorities and final approvals.

Who Needs to Register VAT in Dubai?

Tax-registered enterprises operated on the UAE mainland and in free zones are both subject to VAT. However, if the UAE Cabinet designates a free zone as a “designated zone,” it must be taxed as if it were outside the UAE. It is tax-free to move products between specified zones.

Furthermore, VAT registration is necessary for:

  • If a company’s taxable supplies and imports total more than AED 375,000 per year, it must register for VAT.
  • It is optional for firms with an annual supply and imports of more than AED 187,500.
  • The tax that a company receives from its consumers is paid to the government. At the same time, the government reimburses it for the tax it has paid to its suppliers.
  • Foreign companies may also be able to reclaim the VAT they pay when visiting the UAE.

VAT registration service includes assisting with every kind of VAT registration for businesses/firms explained above.

Documents Required for VAT Registration

Having a tax identification number is one of the most significant requirements to fulfill when registering for a VAT number in Dubai. This is received in conjunction with the Certificate of Incorporation from the Dubai Trade Register. A VAT certificate will be provided to a firm based on its tax identification number.

When registering for VAT in Dubai, you’ll need to prepare several paperwork. These are:

  • The business license of the firm
  • Owner’s and other shareholders’ passports
  • Information regarding the corporate bank account and proof of the company’s registered address in the UAE (IBAN included)
  • an income statement for the last 12 months 
  • Data/information regarding the company’s import-export operations 

Although VAT registration may be performed online using Dubai’s Government online portal, the procedure might be challenging for small business owners due to the lengthy list of papers that must be provided and the necessity of obtaining an online account. BlueKryon team can help you get through this process easily.

Why Choose BlueKryon?

BlueKryon has established itself as one of the top service providers in Dubai, both in the online and offline worlds of business, throughout the years. We specialize in specialized services from VAT services, which include VAT consultancy services, Freezone VAT services, VAT accounting servicesVAT tax consultant, and VAT registration service.

BlueKryon has always been the finest in the industry, delivering all of these services with value, efficiency, and accuracy. BlueKryon’s clientele is all charmed, resulting into the continuous growth of our client base.

BlueKryon assists its clients by providing the finest services at the best value for money in various packages tailored to their specific needs. So don’t hesitate, come to us and receive all your dream services in one place. We feel immense pleasure to serve you the finest results for your company.

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