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Start Your Business in
Jebel Ali Free Zone

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Starting from

AED 8,797*

Ease Your Company Registration

Talk to Our Registered Business Setup Expert

    Start Your Business in Jebel Ali Free Zone

    No hidden cost

    Starting from

    AED 8,797*

    Ease Your Company Registration

    Talk to Our Registered Business Setup Expert

      About JAFZA

      The Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA) is one of the Middle East’s oldest and largest commercial networks. JAFZA is located in the city-south-western state’s corner; it originally opened its doors in 1985 with office units and extended its activities in 1990 with light industrial facilities. In 1996, JAFZA became the first Free Zone in Dubai in the globe to receive ISO accreditation.

      Suppose you’re a business owner with doubts about launching a firm in JAFZA. In that case, the spectacular growth narrative makes it essential to pay attention to. JAFZA has seen a 300-fold increase in member strength in the previous few years since its founding.

      It has grown from 19 businesses in 1985 to over 8000 companies from over 100 countries, employing over 135000 people, and attracting more than 20% of the UAE’s foreign direct investment. With such a long history and world-class infrastructure, Jebel Ali Free Zone is one of Dubai’s most sought-after Free Zone destinations.

      Company Setup in JAFZA

      The Jebel Ali Freezone Authority is the regulatory agency in charge of approving company registrations in the Freezone. The stages are easy to follow and understand:

      • Choose a company name.
      • To get the license, you must first decide on a company activity.
      • Obtain the authority’s first approval.
      • Documents must be submitted, and fees must be paid.
      • Obtain an office location.

      The documentation required to start a business in JAFZA is straightforward. It is dependent on the company structure chosen by the investor or business owner. The following are the papers that all companies must submit:

      • An application form for establishing a business in JAFZA.
      • Application for environmental health and safety
      • Copies of shareholders’, managers’, and secretary’s passports
      • A description of the business’s operations
      • The articles of incorporation of the company.

      Why BlueKryon?

      Establishing a new company in a new area necessitates local knowledge of all of the most acceptable potential options accessible to the business owner. In today’s era of entrepreneurship and the startup company environment, having a hassle-free method to jump-start your firm is essential.

      Jebel Ali Free Zone meets all of the criteria that an entrepreneur or a well-established firm seeks in a Free Zone. JAFZA is one of the most delicate areas to start a business because of its quick system, world-class infrastructure, and closeness to local ports and airports, as well as its excellent location and perks.

      To avail this amazing opportunity, please get in touch with us at BlueKryon for further information, to assist you further along your journey.

      Company Formation Process Simplified

      Step 1
      Submit your documents to Blue Kryon and Get your Trade license
      Step 2
      Receive your establishment card and e-channel
      Step 3
      Receive your visa
      Step 4
      Blue kryon team would assist you with your medical and EID along with insurance
      Step 5
      Receive your passport with stamped visa

      Licenses Offered by Jebel Ali Free Zone

      The range of activities available is relatively extensive; the following licenses types are available:

      • Trading
      • Industrial
      • Service
      • Logistics
      • General Trading

      Only a branch of an existing UAE Mainland firm can be registered as a service company.

      Check Your Activities

      As previously stated, the procedure of forming a company in JAFZA is quite simple. However, there are a few criteria you should be aware of before proceeding:

      • Two to five shareholders are required for a free zone corporation.
      • One stakeholder is necessary for the formation of a free zone.
      • Foreign firms looking to grow in Dubai can open branch offices here.

      Benefits of Starting a Business in JAFZA

      100% ownership of companies.

      Setup is simple in the JAFZA: The procedure of forming a business is simple, uncomplicated, and quick. The sole stipulation is that the owner intends to create a business. After deciding on the type of business to start, the relevant paperwork may be completed in as little as ten days.

      JAFZA allows businesses to apply for several visas without committing to an actual office location, which is one of the reasons why they pick it.

      Total capital and earnings repatriation, resulting in a simple business registration process.

      In this Free Zone, there is no minimum share capital requirement for forming a business.

      The shareholder's liability is restricted to the amount of money invested in the business.

      There are no businesses or personal income taxes in the United Kingdom.

      There are no monetary limitations as well.

      Sponsoring dependents is simple.

      JAFZA's excellent position is a significant selling element. It features one of the most modern storage facilities in the region and the most developed port. Jebel Ali is a popular choice among significant firms that routinely deal with the rest of the globe. Thanks to its extensive transportation infrastructure, it provides the fastest access to shipments from Asia, Africa, the Russian Commonwealth (CIS), and beyond.

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